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Course 1:

Biblical Foundations of Ministries with the Aging (a.m.); Demographic Realities of Ministries with the Aging…with a Missional Action Plan (p.m.)


Is old age a blessing…or a curse? Is it to be honored and respected…or pitied and feared? Is it a time of relaxation and disengagement…or of opportunities and responsibilities? And what about others in the church; are there privileges, responsibilities and opportunities we are all called to bear and enjoy? This course will introduce and explore biblical responses to these and other questions and concerns. We will also consider the unique historical challenges that are all around us not only in our churches, families, neighborhoods and throughout Canada, but also, as the entire world is aging, in unprecedented, pervasive, profound, and enduring ways. And, of course, these unique challenges are also yours and mine, very personal; none of us can escape the aging process, no matter how long we live. It may well be true that “care for the elderly means, first to all, to make ourselves available to the experience of becoming old.”

“The righteous … flourish in the courts of our God.
They still bear fruit in old age;
they are ever full of sap and green,
to declare that the LORD is upright”
(Psalm 92).


Dr. Tom McCormick and Rev. Matthew VanLuik

This course is the first course out of 6 courses with the option to obtain a Certificate in MINISTRY TO THE AGING


Conference attendance – There will be a $50 fee for those who ONLY attend the conference

Audit – There will be a $100 fee for auditing the module.
Certificate Level – There will be a $150 fee for each module 0r $750 if preregistered for the entire program
Bachelors/Masters Level – Please contact the Word and Spirit Institute for tuition of Bachelor and Masters courses.
There will an additional cost for the purchase of required reading material.
The cost will include a light lunch on the day of the conference.


1. Biblical Foundations of Ministries with the Aging
2. Principles and Practices of Spiritual Care for Seniors
3. Reaching out: The Church and the Community; Families and Caregivers for Seniors
4. Aging, Stages of Human Development, and Spirituality
5. Reaching out: Institutional settings; Families and Caregivers for Seniors
6. Cultural, Gender, and Religious Diversity; Global Aging

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April 4
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Dr. Tom McCormick and Rev. Matthew VanLuik