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In 2019, a new session of the program “Ministry for the Aging will be started for new students and students who missed courses, can complete these courses at that time. We hope to be able to start the program after the summer again, however, as of now, the date for the start of this program is tentative as of yet. The program will start when enough students are enrolled. Those who have shown interest will receive an email in due time.

Please find more information about the program here: http://www.wsinstitute.ca/certificate-program-in-ministry-for-the-aging/

As of yet, we do not have enough students to warrant a new course program, instead, a new initiative is developed for those interested in Ministry for the Aging.

As early as October, informative and educational one-day and/or one-evening sessions will be organized in Toronto, Burlington, Hamilton and/or the Niagara Peninsula.

Please stay tuned for more information and/or

fill out the form on the Contact us page


October 19, 2019
Dr. Tom McCormick and Rev. Matthew VanLuik