Instructors for the Word and Spirit Institute are carefully selected. They are experts in the their field of study and have a lot of experience in the topics of the courses they are teaching.

Dr. Tom McCormick

Tom McCormick enjoys the interrelationships among several disciplines. He has a BA in philosophy and mathematics, an MA in Bible (Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia), a PhD in Humanities (Linguistics & Philosophy, University of Texas, Arlington), and a PhD in Philosophy (Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto). Tom also integrates praxis with thought, serving as a chaplain at Long Term & Residential Care Homes, teaching ESL, helping coordinate services for immigrants, assisting minority language groups overseas with literacy, development, and Bible translation, while helping to train consultants and literacy workers. He has taught mathematics, linguistics, reading theory, orthography design, philosophy, theology, education, qualitative research methods, and language acquisition. His books include Meditation: a Practical Guide to a Spiritual Discipline; 2 books on Nursing Home Ministry; Theories of Reading in Dialogue; Science, Imagination and God; Towards a Christian Philosophy; The Field and the Spirit; Meditation: a Biblical Study. Tom has been working with those in Long Term Care Nursing Homes for more than 40 years and has taught at both graduate and undergraduate institutions, including conducting workshops both in North America and overseas.

Dr. Eric Pennings,

Dr. Pennings was a minister of the Word for many years in the Christian Reformed and United Reformed churches. Dr. Pennings has been an advisor for the Word and Spirit Institute since its foundation. For the last number of years he has been an instructor at the Miami International Theological Seminary (MINTS). Currently, he holds the position of Student Dean at MINTS. Dr. Pennings lives in Brampton and often travels to Latin America to teach courses in Spanish for MINTS. He has taught many courses for the Word and Spirit Institute including Nehemiah, Philippians, Hermeneutics and World Religions.

Dr. Jason VanVliet

Dr. Van Vliet is professor of Dogmatology, Principal and Dean at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary in Hamilton. Before he started teaching at the Semiary, he served as a pastor for thirteen years in Ontario and British Columbia. He completed a Th.D. at the Theological University in Apeldoorn in doctrinal studies, focusing on the teachings of John Calvin regarding the image of God.