The Word and Spirit Institute was established as an institute for theological studies at an academic level accessible to anyone who desires a greater understanding about God as he has revealed himself in the Bible. The Institute offers biblical instruction that follows the theological tradition of the Reformation. The Institute serves those in the community who seek biblical knowledge at an academic level for their own spiritual growth and to gain skills to better serve the Lord in their vocation. In order to achieve this goal the Institute will offer conferences and courses in areas such as:

Biblical Theology – to provide a deeper understanding of scripture through Bible book studies
Doctrinal Studies – to explore the foundations of the Christian faith
Church History – to study the development of the Christian Church
Apologetics – to equip for the defense and promotion of the gospel,
Ethics – to foster an understanding of the will of God for all of life
Liturgy – to promote an understanding of public worship

The Institute is ideal for young adults, professionals, teachers and anyone who is interested in the Study of God’s Word for both personal spiritual growth as well as professional development. The Word and Spirit Institute board is comprised of members from Reformed churches in the GTA, under the supervision of the Grace Canadian Reformed Church at Brampton.