Christmas, COVID, and Eldercare

In this year of COVID, everything is different. Our entire life has changed. Especially for the elderly and vulnerable the year has been full of anxiety and worries. Also the Christmas season will be different this year. Church attendance is restricted, Christmas celebrations concerts are cancelled, travel is restricted and even family gatherings are affected. Again, those who will be most affected by this are the elderly, vulnerable, the isolated and the lonely.

Some of the staff and volunteers in Long Term Care facilities, nursing homes and retirement homes are seeing the effects of loneliness on the residents of the homes. They are thinking about alternative ways to celebrate Christmas in the Time of COVID with a special concern for our senior citizens and others who are isolated.

What have you been doing already to include the isolated elderly?

What do you plan or hope to do around Christmas?

These and other topics will be discussed in the free WEBINAR Christmas, COVID, and Eldercare


During the webinar a panel of experts in Ministries For And With The Aging will share and discuss ideas to benefit:

  • church leadership

  • family members

  • caregivers (both formal and informal)

  • volunteers

  • church members wanting to make a difference for their isolated brothers and sisters

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Certificate Program MINISTRY FOR THE AGING

(New session starting in February 2021!)

The Word and Spirit Institute is also offering CERTIFICATE COURSES IN MINISTRY FOR THE AGING. This program is meant for children of the elderly, ministers, elders, deacons, church members, chaplains, Christian professional caregivers and volunteers. The program gives Christian insight in the lives of the aged, the struggles and joys they face, how to deal with one’s own emotions and joys and struggles in caring for elderly (grand)parents, how to deal with one’s own aging and much more.

For more information about the Certificate Program, CLICK HERE